Athlete Profile: Jeffrey Mosher

Jeffrey Mosher

Age: 32

Home: Halifax, NS

About me

I ran off and on my whole life as a form a cross training for kayaking. Once I retired from kayaking, my health (Crohns Disease) prevented me from running on a consistent basis. I believe this fuelled an internal desire to overcome that obstacle and run. Three years ago my health finally allowed me to dedicate more time to running. I quickly realized that running provided stress relief, which helped keep me sane well struggling with work stress.

Most of my initiation goals have been time standard chasing. My first goal was to break 40 minutes for 10K, the next goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My goals are now focused on running beautiful and challenging races/trails. I have been training with New Leaf Endurance since Fall 2015.

Why do I run?

Health, stress relieve, sense of accomplishment and to push the my mental and physical boundaries .

Running History


2014: Maritime Race Week 10k – 38:52

2015: PEI Marathon 42.2k – 2:56:11 (7th overall)

2016: UTMA Sky Marathon 44.5K – 5:38 (Top 10)

2017: Boston Marathon 42.2k – 3:32

Road or Trails?

Trails, but I have goals that I want to accomplish on both surfaces.


2017 Main goals:

  • Boston Marathon – sub 2:50 Due to injury, modified goal is to have fun and complete!

  • Cape Chignecto Loop. Cape Chignecto is a beautiful and grueling 48km loop. I will be spending most of the summer preparing myself for time trial in the fall.

  • Long Range & Northern Traverse Gros Morne – Parking lot to parking lot.

  • Volunteer at more trail races including course marking and clean up.

  • Improve orienteering skills.

Future Goals:

  • Complete an ultra marathon (~80km) in 2018.

  • Run beautiful and challenging trail races around the world!

Why New Leaf Endurance (NLE)?

"NLE provides knowledge and program flexibility which allows me to make informed decisions when setting goals and developing training plans.When I experienced some minor injuries before the PEI and Boston marathons, Rick helped me overcome the self-doubt and adjust my training plans to help me achieve my goals."

Current NLE Training Plan?

Tier 1