Weekly Wellness Newsletter

Hello lovely,  

 I am so glad you are here looking at our little space on the web. 

 We have not been that active here lately, we are busy running and coaching, and just doing other small business things. But that is all about to change!

 I’m sure all you regular readers notice this is not Coach Rick writing to you today, and you are correct! It’s Amanda. You guys have not heard much from me here. I mostly work behind the scenes, but like I already said, things are about to change.

 At the beginning of the summer Rick and I were running at Fundy National Park. It was a gorgeous long weekend, and we spent so much time in the woods. This quiet time in the woods was WAY overdue for us, it’s finally time to get off the roads and back onto the trails! It was an amazing weekend, and we even participated in our first orienteering challenge on Sunday afternoon with Orienteering NB at their 10thannual Fundy Mist challenge. It was so much fun!

 While we were enjoying time with the trees, were also doing some brainstorming about how we are doing with this little business of ours.  

We love coaching all you runners (and a couple triathletes and cyclists) and we want to provide you guys with the most value possible. The Tuesday morning group runs are so much fun for Coach Rick (and we think they are for you too?.....), and he also has had the desire to blog and provide you guys with some good running tips and info, but sometimes between training and coaching and life, you know how it is, that just doesn’t happen as often as we would like.

 So….. now you guys get to hear from me more.  There will be a weekly wellness newsletter moving forward! Now don’t’ worry, you will still hear from Coach Rick on here sometimes. He LOVES writing about his races…. 

 For any of you guys that don’t know me already, here’s my story as it is now. I fancy myself an entrepreneur, I’ve got myhands in a few pies as you might say. I’ve got a background in engineering, and am still known to take on projects here and there as a consultant. I also work in a couple small businesses, one of those is keeping Coach Rick in line here at New Leaf, and I do much the same for my families small business for the last 3 or 4 years on the accounting side.  I do a few other things too, that are much more fun if I do say so. I’m a health coach, and I’ve been studying herbal medicine for a few years now, so any of you runners out there that want to know about some of our plant allies that can help optimize your training and health, I’m the gal to chat with. Have you heard of adaptogens (like ginseng maybe…., but there are seven different ones!)? All you runners could benefit from adding some of that plant magic to your routines.

 Thanks for making it this far! I’m really excited to share with you all over the coming weeks. 

 I’m going to leave you with the quote that inspired me to start this newsletter. 

 “The best way to do it is to do it” – Amelia Earhart

 With all my love,


 PS…. if you guys have any questions, or comments, or just want to say hey, drop a comment below, or send us an email any time! We love hearing from you, and the more comments we get from you, the more we can make sure we are talking about and sharing the info you want to hear!

PPS…. head to the homepage and sign up for our newsletters, when I can figure out the internet magic behind it this weekly wellness newlsetter will be hitting you email inbox!