What We Do

As running coaches, we coach the whole athlete. We get to know you, your goals, what makes you tick and what obstacles you face. We then create a custom training plan incorporating all of this information. We then provide expert support through 1 on 1 coaching sessions and/or online support. Learn More >


We firmly believe that in order to perform at your best you have to take care of yourself. We have two main areas which we focus on aside from the running. Self care and mental toughness.


With our one on one coaching you will be provided with a personalized training plan each week. Your plan will be optimized specifically to meet your running goals.


Stay up to date with what’s going on at New Leaf Endurance on our blog. You will hear all about Coach Rick’s recent races, get some training insights and hear about upcoming events.

Through 2 seasons of running, Coach Rick was with me every step of the way. He took me from a 45min 10k down to 41min and was excellent at adapting to injuries. He is quick to provide feedback, alter training plans and he’s a wizard on the roads and the trails. He’s willing to learn, listen and he’s an excellent resource for any level of running. I signed up for his first Winter speed sessions and then started training full time with him after that. I couldn’t recommend him enough. Last one, fast one!”
— Damian Daniels
I’ve trained with coach Rick for two big race goals. Though I had already learned a lot about how to train from previous training cycles, I would never have gotten to that next level without Rick’s deep knowledge. But even more importantly, he knows how to motivate me when I needed to train harder, and how to keep me in check when I need to recover. From his excitement when I met my goals, I know that he is just as invested in my training as I am. In addition to his personal programming, it’s also a big help to meet up for Furiously Frosty Morning Fun Time in the winter, when I need that motivation and team support the most. I get to meet up with runners of all levels and have a blast before the sun comes up. Rick is good at making sure that the workout is fun and beneficial for us all.
— Chad Gilbert
NLE provides knowledge and program flexibility which allows me to make informed decisions when setting goals and developing training plans. When I experienced some minor injuries before the PEI and Boston marathons, Rick helped me overcome the self-doubt and adjust my training plans to help me achieve my goals.
— Jeffrey Mosher